a reading hit list

This may be a little self-indulgent, but I'm always interested to see what other writers are reading. Collections of links are some of my favorite blog posts (how else do I find more good things to dive into?!) and some of my favorite book recommendations have come from friends.

There's nothing like good writing. It's utterly transportive; almost meditative. I can't remember a moment in my life when I wasn't reading. One of my earliest memories is walking home from the public library with my little red wagon stuffed with as many books as possible. They even let me "intern" at the library when I was around seven (NERD ALERT), and the librarians all pretended not to notice that my internship was me, taking books I was supposed to be reshelving, and sitting among the stacks to read them.

Some people get into movies. Music, TV. For me, it's been books, always books, ALWAYS hard copies. (Am I the only 20-something year old left who is running out of places to put her books?! No e-readers, please.)

And now with the Internet, there's so much more to read. Blogs, newspaper and magazine articles, phenomenal personal essays that find their homes online.... sometimes I get overwhelmed by just how much I want to read. I'm forever sending emails to myself with links to click on later. You know I truly love you if I'm peppering you with the same. So I thought it might be helpful to get some links together in one place!


the old guard (aka, my favorite books)

The Year of Magical Thinking - Joan Didion. Heartbreaking, hopeful, honest. I revisit this book at least twice a year.

tiny beautiful things: advice on love and life - Cheryl Strayed. I'm never not reading this book. Let's put it that way.

The Boys In The Boat - Daniel James Brown. What a story! I read this in one go and loved it. To date, my favorite nonfiction/sports book.

I Capture The Castle - Dodie Smith. It's perfect fiction, filled with an attention to detail that paint a rich tapestry world. You'll want to lose yourself in this book over and over.


articles I've dug lately

How a Young Woman Lost Her IdentityThe New Yorker. This is the craziest piece I've read in a long time about a woman who lapses into fugue states - she doesn't know who she is.

Who Does She Think She Is?Longreads, by Laurie Penny. This is a tough one, all about the hate and vitriol women face on the Internet. I had to leave this and come back to it a few times. But it's worth it.


blogs - for fun, for inspiration, for links to thought-provoking reads

The Skinny Confidential (good advice, better writing)

Half Baked Harvest (THE source for recipes. Plus, her brother is that Red Gerard.)

Joy the Baker (her "Let It Be Sunday" weekly post is always full of the best links to reads that make you think. And laugh. And bake!)

Gal Meets Glam (hand over your entire wardrobe)

The Neotraditionalist (fashion and design inspiration of my dreams)

The Stripe (I don't follow many fashion blogs anymore, but this one never fell off my radar)


There is so - so - much more. Writers should always be reading. Everyone should always be reading! I hope this helps you find something that makes you want to stay up all night highlighting passages, falling asleep with the book next to your pillow. Or is that just me?!