things i've cooked lately

Checking in from snowy Boston, where I'm comfortably encircled in a mound of blankets and trying my hardest to pretend that I won't have to venture outside when this round of 18-24 inches of snowfall is over. And the wind! Have we talked about the wind? I thought I was prepared to live in Boston for the winter but let me tell you: I was most decidedly not.

It's the perfect kind of day to cozy up with a book and cook something new. (Or study for a law midterm if that floats your boat / is bearing down on you from the end of this week. Ugh.) I stopped by the library, grocery store and wine shop last night - stocking up on all the blizzard essentials.

I've been cooking a lot lately, buoyed by friends who seem more than wiling to let me test out new recipes on them. It's a sacrifice somebody's gotta make, and I feel pretty lucky that the brave people in my life are willing to do so.

If you're snowed in and looking for inspiration today (or if you're in a less snowy area but want to cook all the same), here's a roundup of things I've cooked and loved recently:

FullSizeRender 4.jpg

greek chicken lemon feta soup - i added a heavy dose of Sriracha to this and it was heavenly


FullSizeRender 5.jpg

turkey spinach ricotta meatballs in a homemade red sauce - perfect recipe for a group of friends that I got from the Girls Night In newsletter (subscribe! subscribe!)



beer can chicken from the Half Baked Harvest cookbook - you make your own quick dry rub and it turns into this perfect masterpiece



a recreation of Momofuku's spicy sausage noodles - delicious both hot and cold. i am very tempted to make a vat of this sauce and have it in my fridge at all times



pollo in potacchio from Skinnytaste : i doctored the red sauce up with more herbs, a little more salt, and cooked it down more so it took on a jam-my consistency and wow, this was everything.


Joy The Baker's pistachio dark chocolate sea salt cookies 



Chef Jose Andres' gambas al ajillo - again, this sauce is the things dreams are made of, and I highly recommend having a lot of crusty bread on hand 

And last but not least - Smitten Kitchen's favorite brownies, my snow day baking today that I doctored up with a little sprinkle of cinnamon across the top.

Happy kitchen adventures!