a new piece for women's running

A lot's happened since the last time I wrote a post here... namely, a move up the East Coast that took me out of DC and back to Boston. Well, sort of. My lease in Boston starts September 1, so my parents have gained a new roommate between now and then!

There's a lot to cover about that move- especially what it's like to be back where I grew up after the last year and change of my life. It's hard not to think about how different I've become over the last twelve months when I'm surrounded by memories of ages 0-17 as soon as I wake up.

In the interim though, I've got some trips on the horizon, a wedding of a dear friend to attend, and I've been pitching and writing up a storm. I'm happy to say that the most recent piece I had published was for Women's Running Magazine. It covers the emotional toll of running injuries, touching upon the dirty little secrets we all hesitate to talk about: when the mental pain hits a point where you're forced to ask for help.

You can read it here - thanks, as always, for the support.