#myDC : Union Market murals

I've been here for seven years. I'm almost a local. They say it takes 10 years to be a real New Yorker... I'm not sure what the timeline is for District dwellers, but I have to be getting close. Close enough, anyway, that I have a personal "best of" list. So periodically, I'll be sharing that with you - bringing you #MyDC.

I could wax poetic about all of Union Market District. And I will, soon. Because it's full of gems that make it a location high on my personal top 10 list in DC.

Back in March, Mr. Brainwash came in to decorate the outside of the Market building.

He did it all in one night. The paint was drying just as Michelle Obama, better known as the FLOTUS, swung into the Market for International Women's Day activities. Casually.

I very much love Michelle Obama. I will miss her most of all.

The result is a round-up of outdoor (and indoor!) spray-painted art that is delightfully colorful and fun. 

It's worth a wander outside next time you grab your food at UM.

Additionally, it is very good for Instagrams. 

(Disclosure : I work for Union Market's parent company. But my love for it is a privately held opinion. And it's an intense love, too.)