the ocean blue

Here's the thing about waking up in the middle of the ocean : you are surrounded completely, wholly, entirely by blues.



It's as if every single color in the Crayola box was a different sapphire tint. There are deep, rich blues where the ocean plunges to new depths. Aqua, cheeky hues where the white sands can gleam through the water.


The sky cycles through its own blues throughout the day. In the morning, it's a soft periwinkle, dotted by clouds. The middle of the day, blazingly bright, white-hot, almost translucent. At night, a deep purple-y blue, streaked with the colors of the sunset.



Here is the other thing about being in the middle of the ocean : you will change.

The salt in the air and water will turn your hair into a tangled, wavy mess. Your shoulders will freckle. Your lips will burn a bit in the sun, giving you the bee-stung pout you've faked with lipgloss since reading a tutorial in Allure at age 13.

You will also be forced to just be with your thoughts. In the middle of the ocean, no notifications make your phone hum. Your laptop is, essentially, an expensive notebook.

The blues, the stillness, the sheer magnitude of nature's untouched beauty will remind you of the thoughts pushed aside, the moments living in your own quiet depths. You may cry. Hopefully, you will laugh. 

The blues of the ocean will remind you what it is to live in a blaze of colors.



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