life lately

It has been a whirlwind kaleidoscope of happy, glittering, brightly colored events full of love to end 2016. 

It's appropriate that this year is ending with a mad dash to the finish, full of love. It's ending like the end of a race - you see it in sight and you're desperate to reach it, so you pick up the pace. But at the same time, the magnitude of what you've just accomplished is so very present, a little overwhelming, and maybe just a little worthy of tears.

Forgive the photo-heavy post, but I'm deeply thankful and radiantly happy to be wrapping this year with weddings, baptisms, family time, love and laughter galore.

I know that 2017 won't be perfect, but I have high hopes for it. This year was transformative - it showed me who I am when the world (when the world and when my world) gets ugly. I mourned. I cried. I loved. I laughed. I learned so much.

I learned that my life is so very full. I have wonderful family and friends. I have a great job that I look forward to every single day. I have fulfilling hobbies that push me and further my passions, and keep me so busy that I live and die by my planner. I work my butt off and I also am learning, just a little bit, that it's okay to take a nap instead, too.

Life lately has been full. May 2017 be the same.